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Third Street project ‘evolving’; tree removal criteria adjusted

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Make 3rd pedestrian only. Rip out sidewalks and street. Install pavers everywhere. Move trees to the center of old 3rd street and away from buildings.

Local Yokel

Otis, I 100% support a vehicle-less 3rd street. At least from Baker to Galloway.


I agree, too. That would be wonderful. Maybe Ms Richard should google Barcelona ( Las Ramblas ). But we only can dream on.

Bill B



I suggest avoiding such a grand scheme.

Repair / upgrade starting now.

Think of an iterative process.

Recognize that there will be a learning curve.

And conditions may change in ways not yet foreseen.

This approach would naturally provide variation & uniqueness along

Third Street, helping to preserve the charm of downtown.


Definitely keep Third Street & cross streets open to cars.

Only a knucklehead would plant trees in the middle of Third Street!


Banning EVs would make sense in historic downtown.

Ask a fireman about EV fires.

Even minor accidents, heavy rain / high humidity, and hot weather are risk

factors - never mind floods, potentially numerous parked EVs lining the

streets, and EV charging. This goes for e-bikes too:


Dan, ever been to Charlottesville?


The Pearl St mall in Boulder would be a nice template to follow …..


Charlottesville concept looks nice - and has its place.

But would be oppressive in Mac.

Forcing a very narrow, inflexible concept on everyone, whether they like

it or not, regardless of age, in our historic downtown.


Seems that most people are ok with closing 3rd on weekends. Making a permanent change doesn’t seem like a big leap.



Did you hear the latest study?

People that live in cities with downtowns where there is an emphasis on walkability

Emit Bluetooth waves.

If they stand next to popcorn kernels they pop

I heard it from Aaron Rodgers, Elon musk, and Joe Rogan.

Apparently, fauci has something to with it


A permanent, difficult to reverse change, may be a problem.

When Third Street is closed, it presents a hazard to navigation.

Not to Mr. Walker, but to Mr. Wheeler:


This scene in Charlottsville is inviting, I have to say:


Note optics - few kids, mostly young adults.

Third Street aside, a serious question.

What if there was an emergency situation?

Could be a crime in progress.

Could be a fire.

Could be someone with a heart attack.

Say, mid-way along the mall.

How would police / fire / medical approach the situation?


Imagine buying some shoes, clothing on Third Street.

Somewhat bulky boxes.

But you're parked fairly close.

Maybe borrow a hand-truck in some cases.

Put boxes in trunk.

Go on and pick up a few groceries.

Then drive by and pick up grandpa at the coffee shop.

He can't walk very far, but the outing is good for him.

That's tough with Third Street closed.

Of course, we adapt.

Which might also mean changing the businesses that can thrive.

As it is, you are free to park a few blocks off Third Street.

And kind of treat Third Street as a mall.

Forget the car - walk up and down the street.

But you are still free to drive on Third Street.


As far as existing planning goes ...

I still say, start repairs / upgrades now.

Rely on current revenue / grants / bond sales / etc.

Don't shuffle papers for 5 years, hoping for a grand scheme.

And remember, all that paper shuffling costs money.

Let's not saddle ourselves with undue debt.

I can't see 5 years down the road, never mind 50 years.


Removable or telescoping bollards allow access to the Charlottesville walking mall for service vehicles of all types. Daily patrols are done with cops walking the beat or on bike. Bag technology works great for carrying things from malls to cars. Grandpa can get fire up the scooter to visit any shop....just like any indoor mall. It's really lovely to walk and shop without having to dodge cars that could squish you. Although, the 8 block mall is bisected with a street "Heather Heyer Way" so cars can still cross it. I have been there, walked it, shopped on it, and I love it, and I think the design would be fantastic for Mac.


Well, we could do worse than some facsimile of Charlottesville.

But look at the section of sidewalk pictured above.

I still say, stop shuffling paper.

Plenty of work for tradesman TODAY.

Repair and upgrade what we have.

Third Street can always be closed.


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