The local opt-out on pot a workable compromise

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You are evil. There's no other word for it. The majority voted to make cannabis legal, and you are determined to keep your evil drug war alive, to stifle freedom, any way that you can, for as long as you can, in this case through a patchwork of frustrating local regulation.


Should we be allowed to ignore the rulings of our three county commissioners as well? After all, a lot of people didn't vote for them. It wouldn't be fair to make us follow an ideology we don't hold ourselves. Let's just nullify their ruling on the dump expansion...shall we?

Don Dix

Best available explanation ... A 'county commission ruling' is completely different than a 'state ballot measure passed by the people'. And never does everyone agree on the results of either.

However, it seems ignoring the will of the people is a legislative specialty, especially in Oregon.


If for any reason a municipality opts out, they lose any tax revenue generated from measure 91 sales.
The county would need to send this out to the voters in the county on an election year to boot. There are strong grandfather clauses in HB 3400 also.
Also, if any municipality decides to opt out of any of the marijuana industry, Like growing, processors, wholesalers, or retailers, that muni loses all their tax allotment from measure 91.

Horse with no name

Didn't you all get the memo. The County Commissioners vision is for the good ol' days; 1950's White, Christian, Middle-class, Leave it to Beaver with a healthy dose of Jim Crow (I don't mean whiskey). Yep they always want to go backwards, except for things like trashing our land and water for $.

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