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The case of the unchecked checks

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We live in a rural area and our mailbox is regularly burglarized. The mail is left at the end of our road in the ditch. We now have a PO Box for all our mail and any deliveries come to my work.


It's easy enough to find who the Wal- Mart employee(s) was that accepted the checks....might be worth a conversation....


The bank is liable for a forged signature, not the account holder. She should be able to get her money back from US Bank.


U.S. Bank is a total joke


Jon: US Bank is well aware these are forged signatures. I've seen them myself, and that's totally obvious. So far, all it has offered is the voiding of the remaining checks. I'm not sure what responsibility it feels here.
Tagup: Good idea. Seems like someone screwed up over there, judged form Walmart's stated policy.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor
Tuvey: Works for some folks, but not sure an 87-year-old is up to driving somewhere every day to check her mail. Pluse, it involves expense, and she's on a very tight budget.

m or s

The story clearly states that Wal-Mart company policy was violated by whomever accepted these checks. Wal-Mart has an obligation to look into this. Did the same person accept these numerous checks? Could this be more than a screw up by an employee? Perhaps someone working in cahoots with the thief? Yup, worth having that conversation, perhaps with the police. Creeps who prey on people like Ms. Moore deserve to be found out and prosecuted. And US Bank has Ms. Moore’s signature on file, yet continued to honor checks that did not meet her profile. This is just wrong on so many levels.


Not sure Wal-mart has an obligation, I think that would be for law enforcement to investigate. Wal-Mart just wants to avoid negative public relations..(and get paid for their merchandise)so they will likely cooperate with the details.

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