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Teen driver charged in Highway 18 DUII crash

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Joel R

Why didn't he go to jail?


This is a felony,and he gets released.Total BS

David S. Wall

From the article, "... About 3:30 a.m., Noah Christian Delaney, 19, was driving a Mitsubishi Lancer eastbound at a recorded speed of 89 mph. Trooper Christopher Knudson said as the vehicle passed him, it accelerated and began aggressively passing vehicles in the oncoming travel lane...".

These acts alone should have had Mr. Delaney remanded to jail- without bail, pending trial.

There is 'No' deterrence for criminal conduct.

Mr. Delaney should really 'Thank God' for the rest of his life that no one was killed and or injured.

Personally, HWY 18 is too dangerous to travel even in the daytime.

David S. Wall


It's only my guess, with blowing .04, that other substances were in play as well. I wonder who his old man is.