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Success of Vancouver-style homeless law debated

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Makes me think the best solution for me an my family is to move out of the North West. Nebraska or maybe North or South Dakota. Good conservative people who believe in giving a hand up instead of a hand out. Also hotter than hell in the summer and bitter cold in the one would be able to survive in a sidewalk tent out there.



Definitely a consideration for our family too. Hopeful we can possibly turn this around or the only ones left will be the campers and their service providers...


Joel That's awesome!

Bill B

Chief Scales says; "This ordinance, in my opinion, gets people to move along. It gets people not to congregate. If people can find a place to park their rig for the day, great.”

Did he really say that? I think his job is enforcement, isn't it? Seems like he's advocating the RVs move into the neighborhoods. That will solve everything.

Matt Scales

Bill B. Please read my proposal for the updated camping code. It restricts camping in portions of the city outright (including residential areas). Shoot me an email if you have more questions. The information is on the City website under council agenda packets. Thanks!


I have a question Matt and forgive my tone but Mac PD often says that do not have the resources to facilitate as many call as you receive is that right?
Then please explain why you have enough resources to have officers on bicycles go through public parks and tell families they are unable to have a beer with their BBQ?
Apparently you have time for that but not public shooting up or pot smoking? Heck my spouse and I drove to a park to sit and talk someone quiet away from the kids and I looked up and saw a patrol car in my rear view mirror with it's lights on. The next thing I knew we both were being asked for our drivers licences and getting the third degree about why we were there. The query came back with two people with no driving offences, and having had no wants or warrants or arrests ever. That whole thing took 20 minutes of an officers time so it is very hard for me to want to vote in any more money for MAC PD. when conversely you have done nothing about the vagrants.


I vote for the '06 Meth Levy
Enforce the laws - fill up the 100+ beds that sit empty

Then treatment.... repeat when necessary.
Not sure we need new laws - enforce the ones we have.

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