By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Subject threatens to shoot deputy

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JWC, serious question, what do you like about Yamhill County? You seem to basically hate everything. Just curious.


JWC, I bet you are an entertaining person to get a drink with. You are asked what you like about where you live and what follows is a diatribe on incompetent judges, the weed mafia, and a double murderer. Comment sections of newspapers are really something.

Joel R

They love going after that ID. It's like crack to them.
If a cop ever rolls up on you while you're minding your own business and tries to get you to identify yourself just ask them while their body cam is on (or while you're videoing) "am I required by law to show you my ID right now." Don't let them give you a vague answer. Make them answer Yes or No. If they answer "Yes" then give it to them and ask your lawyer later if it was a lawful order. If it wasn't, you can then pursue legal action against them.

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