By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Subject threatens to shoot deputy

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As a certain corrupt attorney would argue and Judge Ladd Wiles would believe, "45 handgun? That's small caliber, isn't it?"


JWC, serious question, what do you like about Yamhill County? You seem to basically hate everything. Just curious.



Good question. If you read all of my posts then you will know that my anger is tightly focused on the Yamhill County Marijuana Mafia and other criminals as well as the imbecile judges and ignorant jurors who enable them. (Judge Ladd Wiles is the only judge in the history of Oregon jurisprudence to render a verdict so insane and insane that he got himself repudiated by a unanimous vote of the legislature.) The Yamhill County Marijuana Mafia includes the Big Bad Wolfe who abducted Karissa and William Fretwell so that he could murder them. The Big Bad Wolfe was so hostile when I caught him trespassing on my property to poach elk that he almost got himself killed. I also don't like the evil bitch who killed Meghan Cordie then tried to claim that she walked from Grand Island to Dayton. Just FYI, I am the guy who pointed out to the police that they should examine the soles of Ms Cordie's feet because her feet would have been mutilated if she walked from Grand Island to Dayton barefoot. Just FYI, I am also the guy who provided a free training venue for the Washington County Sheriff's Tactical team that intervened when Cashman was on a rampage. Ditto for the OSP tactical team and the local USAF Para rescue squadron.

What have you done for the community?


JWC, I bet you are an entertaining person to get a drink with. You are asked what you like about where you live and what follows is a diatribe on incompetent judges, the weed mafia, and a double murderer. Comment sections of newspapers are really something.

Joel R

They love going after that ID. It's like crack to them.
If a cop ever rolls up on you while you're minding your own business and tries to get you to identify yourself just ask them while their body cam is on (or while you're videoing) "am I required by law to show you my ID right now." Don't let them give you a vague answer. Make them answer Yes or No. If they answer "Yes" then give it to them and ask your lawyer later if it was a lawful order. If it wasn't, you can then pursue legal action against them.



I like living out in the country.
I like waking up in the morning to find a herd of elk grazing on my lawn including the inquisitive, young, bull, calf that was peeking through my living room window.
I actually like most of the people in Yamhill County. Unfortunately; we have a minority of criminals along with the useful idiots that enable and empower them who make life difficult and dangerous for the rest of us.

You still have not answered my question.

Joel R:
It is illegal to park a car in the middle of a public road. It is also illegal to operate a car on a public road without a license. Haney volunteered that he was the driver of the car. The Deputy had reasonable suspicion and just cause to ask for identification.