By Scott Unger • Of the News-Register • 

Stormwater committee discusses potential fees

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Let's hear everyone complain about this right after they read about the sewer main breaking in Carlton this week.


This isn't Carlton, and that's a sewer line, not stormwater.

When does this stop? Another $4 million scraped from the pockets of McMinnville taxpayers. How much more do you think there is? Mayor Remi, I'm talking to you. Just take the whole $1.50 you stole from us last time take it now and get it over with.


C’mon Bigfoot…. You may not like how tax dollars are utilized (and I agree to a point), but the tax levy was originally passed by voters, so nothing has been “ stolen”!


Bigfoot, I hear unincorporated Willamina doesn’t try to bleed you dry with these fees. I think you would do great there. Maybe mayor drankin would stop living rent free in your head.

Don Dix

From the article --'The system is intended to protect properties from flooding, ... "

So 'the system' will protect those houses that have been foolishly built in a flood plain? Arrogance and stupidity have never been a match for Mother Nature!


Willamina was incorporated in 1909.


Oldee, as helpful as always. I’m talking about the unincorporated areas that have a willamina mailing address but outside of the city. You know, the places off city water with much less taxes and lower home values than McMinnville.

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