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Stopping By: Dave Williams retires after keeping his auto shop running for 50 years

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I took my car there for a new starter and when he saw what was wrong he fixed it for a couple of bucks. He could taken advantage of me, but chose to be honest!!! So sorry he's retiring!!!! hope you have a great retirement!!!


Congratulations Dave! 50 Years of honesty and integrity, that's worth celebrating.

Local Yokel

I have known Dave and Margie almost my entire life. They are some of the kindest, most honest people and INCREDIBLE parents I have ever known. I still enjoy interacting with them as much as when Dave would help coach us as kids, as they were at every sporting event I can ever remember being a part of with their son.

Thank you for all the years of dedication to the community, Dave! You absolutely deserve the best in retirement!!


Dave is the best! He kept half a dozen tragic wheelchair-lift Econolines running for us before we were able to afford a new Toyota. There was nobody better at keeping junk in road-worthy condition. His retirement is a real loss for the city, but it's well earned. Enjoy yourself, Dave! You deserve it!


It's difficult to put into words how impressive Dave's accomplishment is. 50 Years is just incredible, especially considering the same shop had 12 different owners in the 15 years leading up to Dave taking over. Being his son, I got to see first-hand how much hard-work and dedication he put into his work, despite how he was always a father first and businessman second.

I'm so thankful to have him as a role model and dad. I got a taste of the hard work by helping him at the shop when I was young and got my work ethic from him. He always wanted me to work hard in school so I wouldn't have to work as hard as he did. I am grateful every day that I'm not breaking my knuckles at my job.

But he loved doing what he did, mostly because he loved helping people and solving problems for them. And he did it with honesty, integrity, and at a fair price. It was always impressive to see him diagnose a car problem from someone making noises over the phone. I still call him up when I (or someone I know) has car trouble; his vast experience has given him a superpower to fix problems. He can often tell you exactly what's wrong from the symtpoms or noises you make, or at least give a few possibilities.

It's clear that so many people in the community will miss his service and are thankful for him. He has certainly earned this retirement though and I'm excited to get to spend more time with him now that he has retired.

I love you dad! Congratulations!

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