By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

Stolen paintings honored 'unjust deaths'

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I never saw a painting of Ashli Babbitt in that fence. I guess that while violent career criminals are protected, it is still open season on unarmed White women.


Ashli Babbitt would most likely be alive today if she had “simply complied”.


Clarification: Unarmed white women attacking the capital…


Ashli Babbit= Q-terrorist.


I’m just sitting here with popcorn waiting for JWCs racist tropes to become full fledge outward racism. He is going to crack at some point.


Hey y'all just resorting to the last refuge of the liberal by making accusations of racism. I didn't say that all shootings of Black people by police are justified. I don't . At least some of the killings of folks memorialized on that fence were blatantly unjustified. I don't recall any of you wring op eds or protesting when Leonard Renfrow was shot 28 times by the Portland Police, including 22 times in the back after he had collapsed. I doubt any of you provided expertise to the attorney who was representing Mr Monroe in his lawsuit against the Portland Police Bureau for enabling Seargent Register to "mistakenly" shoot him with buckshot rather than allegedly less lethal beanbag rounds. However; Michael Brown and Jacob Blake as well as other liberal martyrs were thugs who presented a threat that warranted deadly force. This includes all of the White Boyes that were shot by Kyle Ritter house.


Only a suggestion, but maybe take a day off of being a keyboard warrior. The whataboutism defense is pretty weak.

Joel R

That's not right. I hope she gets them back and that whoever stole them faces serious consequences.
I'm not real thrilled when people feel the need to shout their political beliefs at passerby's in that manner but it's their property and they do have the freedom to express themselves any way they want. And nobody has the right to steal their property.

Tyler C

I was unaware of this project. I hope Annie Witherspoon is able to get the portraits back and hang them once again. Projects like this are an important reminder of how the American project has a long way to go to fulfill its promise for all Americans.


Joel R,

I seriously doubt that there will be any serious consequences for a minor theft and trespassing. Obviously; people such as BleepBloop would exploit the presumed motivation of racism to prosecute this as a hate crime.


Obviously, your comments are predicated on presumptions about me that are not justified by my comments on this thread or elsewhere. I was one of the few people sounding the alarm decades ago about escalating killings by police that were inspired and rationalized by the gun control lobby's blatantly racist propaganda. Now that the police have been largely neutralized, violent crime and homicide rates are escalating to levels not seen since the 1980s and 1990s. While Black people are overwhelmingly the victims, they are overwhelmingly the perpetrators. Thank you ANTIFA and BLM.


It's possible one could articulate this ORS could apply:

ORS 166.155
Bias crime in the second degree

(1)A person commits a bias crime in the second degree if the person:

(a)Tampers or interferes with property, having no right to do so nor reasonable ground to believe that the person has such right, with the intent to cause substantial inconvenience to another person because of the person’s perception of the other person’s race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or national origin;

(2)A bias crime in the second degree is a Class A misdemeanor.


I wonder if we will soon see a painting of Eric Eugene Washington displayed on that fence?


I'm no detective but I'd say the primary suspect is Mrs. Witherspoon herself.

Y'all really think after 2.5 years that someone would take the time to move 25 heavy paintings in the winter?

Check her basement.


Chalk it up to miscommunication. I bet she was too embarrassed to admit she wanted to take them down (or the husband was?) and so the spouse called the police when they realized they were gone.


Mr. S:

You should have quit with "I'm no detective."

Just idle, uninformed speculation. Pretty thin gruel.