By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

State ruling limits ICE arrests at courthouse

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Bill B

I clearly do not see justification for any location to be a free zone from arrest if one is here illegally. Can someone explain that, other than citing compassion.


Enforcement at the courthouse will discourage undocumented victims from reporting a crime or acting as a witness in any court proceedings....


If they are here illegally they should be safe no where. Other countries just shoot you if you cross their borders illegally so being arrested at the court house seems like a better option.


I wonder if your opinion would change if an undocumented person witnessed you or your family being assaulted and wouldn’t come forward and identify the perp......

Bill B

tagup; is that all you got? What a silly argument!


The Law is the Law. ICE should be able to enforce the law anywhere, anyplace.


Am- and I think they can......I’m just pointing out the possible consequences of having ICE agents hanging around the court house....

Bill- you don’t agree that ICE presence around county buildings will discourage undocumented people from coming forward with law enforcement?


I don't have an opinion one way or the other (Because I haven't done enough of my OWN research) but i thought tagups comment was a pretty good one!

Bill B

tagup; of course it would discourage it, just as it would for any criminal. Why the distinction?

Don Dix

From the article -- 'Her ruling also bans ICE arrests in courthouse parking lots, sidewalks and entryways.'

Parking lots and entryways belong to the county, so they may apply the ruling to those areas -- but as far as the sidewalks? -- in most cases, the city owns the sidewalks throughout town (but provides no maintenance).


I don’t think obstacles to the justice system are a good thing.....for anyone...


I think maybe the Unidos group and the ACLU volunteers could consider using their valuable time to help the families of illegal immigrants fill out the proper paperwork to become American citizens, could possibly decrease the issues Corona is referring to.


Here is a simple way to avoid being arrested by ICE in the courthouse: Turn yourself in. Self deport.
Go home and come back the honest and legal way. We'll be here to welcome you back with open arms.


After reading the article carefully, i would like to say thanks to Tom Henderson for a reasonably balanced article. Nice to see the "pro obeying the law" side allowed to present their views. That has not always been the case with these kinds of articles.


I’d love to see ICE get hassled or arrested by some local level cop. And if that happens hopefully this absurd sanctuary law gets dealt with by the United States Supreme Court. Sanctuary Laws should be banned by the feds.