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Spirit Mountain preps for new gaming machines

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When the casino first opened ,they had reasonable play odds,now it , is a total loss to play there,plus if you can see through all the cigarette smoke,and the lousy pay-outs I guess you can have fun.


Just set your cash on fire.

More worthwhile than giving it to the disgusting, dirty, fake, smoke filled, thieving casino.


How people spend their money makes no difference to me; none of my business. What I find appalling? Large families with numerous children spilling from vans and SUVs. A casino is no place for kids.


This casino certainly has helped clean up the neighborhood, and, thru their Community Fund, has helped a lot of local projects. At lease we have a choice as to whether or not to contribute. Unlike most of the other government entities around. Pity the kids tho.


The casino has helped the neighborhood?

Right. At what cost? You think those people in the casino can afford to give their paychecks to that monstrosity?

Have you seen those zombies in there? Chain smoking, guzzling booze, and chasing an impossible fantasy?


Oh, and they have a convenient paycheck cashing right on the premises so it’s easier for the casino to steal money from the most vulnerable demographics.

Simply disgusting and shameful.

Casinos prey on the poor and make money hand over fist while providing poor paying jobs and giving pennies on the dollar back to the tribe and community.


You may as well save your money and go out to eat & have a drink....atleast it would be a day to remember. The casino is not in the business to loss. As mentioned b4, payout there is nothing. It's amazing to ask people, well how much did u play in order to win that $100. U wouldn't believe amt.of money put into the machines.

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