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Sparks back in Yamhill County court

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“...reduced his ‘moral culpability’ for his crimes.” Having committed the crimes as a man in his 40’s, he is morally culpable, regardless of the damage done to him as a child. What a waste of time and money.


Agreed Sponge...this waste of space should have been terminated a long time ago. Now the family and friends have to re-live this all over again.


Talk about a waste of time. What can he possibly say about his childhood that would inspire the court to overlook his actions as an adult? It's not like he didn't know he did wrong--he left her body on the tracks hoping she would be mangled by a train and hide his crimes. Spending the rest of his life under the ax is exactly what he deserves. Too bad it's unlikely to fall.


A case that still haunts me today....I will always remember her name. The sound of people’s voices on the phone calling in when they found her. They won’t forget either. She was a child too.


What the hell is wrong with the justice system it doesn’t matter what he went through as a child come on he knows right from wrong and I agree with all the other comments he should’ve been killed along time ago and if they let him out I will do it myself yes this is Lacy’s mom Sandra I said that


Because he supposedly had such a bad childhood gives him the right to take another child’s life I don’t think so maybe we need to get a new judge I’ll bet if it was the judge his daughter he sure as hell wouldn’t get another trial


So what is the court saying so let’s just say if I was to kill him and said I had such a bad childhood that I could get off from it I don’t get it I’ll be up there September 24

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