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Sloppy recycling leads to item ban, market chaos

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Recology, you say "keep plastic bags out of the recycling cart and do not put items for recycling in plastic bags", and yet on your own website listing what can be recycled (, you show "bagged plastic bags" with a nice photo of a tied grocery-store-type plastic bag. Which is it?

Nicole Montesano

Carolsm, That is the poster for Burien, Washington; I do not know whether Recology plans to make similar changes there. Here is the link to the one for Yamhill and Polk counties:


"Milk, juice, soup and other cartons..."

I'm confused by the language here. Does this mean paper/cardboard containers usually referred to as cartons, or the plastic jugs that most people buy milk in? Or both?

Nicole Montesano

Bonnyb, it means the paper/cardboard containers. Plastic jugs will still be allowed.


Nicole: I did see that the title of the page said Burien, but it's the page I got to clicking through from the starting page that said "WELCOME TO RECOLOGY WESTERN OREGON, Amity, Lafayette, McMinnville", although in trying to do it again, it looks like it did leave the Mac pages. It's not easy to find on the site! BTW, the Burien one is a little more understandable for us laymen than the Mac one...


We certainly would hate to offend the Chinese, the same jolly folk fond of the flesh of dogs and cats and readily pay to enhance their sex lives with the pulverized horns of rhinos. No, siree...

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