By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Sheriff: Aging jail needs repairs, modernization

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It sounds like we have some empty beds. Even though it's "not reliable" as a source of money, could we try to rent some of those beds out again? Sounds like anything would help at this point.
I think Benton County is renting beds at NORCOR (which is clear out in the Dalles). Maybe they would be interested?


I would vote yes for the '06 meth levy... maybe put that excellent sounding solution back in front of the voters. Deduct non profit give aways, stop the trail, redirect the $150,000 just given to A Family Place (perfect fit for sherriff's office) and give the Sherriff's office their missing $. Maybe the meth levy would not need as much $ this time around.

Thank You News Register for informing the tax payers.


The problem isn't the reliability of 'renting beds', it is more that the money gained often isn't worth it. As a former custody sergeant, you have to do a lot more work to receive inmates from another county which isn't the main reason, it is more they send their worst inmates-usually the ones who need medical help or will trash their cell.

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