By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Sheridan residents decry lack of code enforcement

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Code enforcement suffers in nearly every town regardless of the size of the law enforcement agency or city agency running that code enforcement. In reality, it is a joke. A department/line item being laundered or reallocated elsewhere because it is quite clear that there is no enforcement of code violations, anywhere. In newberg they hired some elderly gentleman who goes soft on elderly ladies who own property that has aspects in code violation. For over a decade she has had two sections of her sidewalk on Foothills Drive buckled from improperly planted street trees by landscapers hired by the HOA. Complaints filed, code enforcement out there, allegedly gave notice, but nothing was ever done...and here it is nearly two years after the initial complaint that I alone filed. Hard to go for a casual walk without stubbing a toe or tripping...and I can only wonder how many people have done just that.

A New Generation

In my town there is a house with a dug-down inground pool (2 ft off the ground) that is not fenced, even tho the 'code' calls for a fence as a safety measure! Only a matter of time before someone's kid wanders in and drowns.

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