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Sheridan manager ready to sign off on contract

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David S. Wall

It appears the remaining contentious conditions in the employment contract to appease Mr. Sheridan's requirements have been (grudgingly) met by the City of Sheridan's elected officials.

Absolutely, "No surprise" here.

The City of Sheridan's Mayor and Council's grossly incompetent acquiescence to the terms of the previous employment contract, set to expire [January 14, 2020], resulted in nightmarish scrambling for administrative relief of any kind, were self-inflicted wounds and utterly avoidable.

Don't even try to blame this snafu on Mr. Sheridan and or the City Attorney.

Word on the street has a potential book deal is in the making, chronicling the palace intrigue.

It is a "How to book" entitled, "How to Publically-Paddle-the Behinds of Elected Officials for Legitimate Financial Gain."

Paddle on-King Sheridan-Paddle on!

David S. Wall

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