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Secretary's visit a teachable moment

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Respect (for the position) is an outstanding lesson for the students, but they also should understand the impact of policies promoted by Ms DeVos. Particularly how they will effect the education of those without the ability to afford private schools. This is a woman that is ultra-rich, did not even attend public schools and received this position based on her campaign contributions rather than her qualifications in the field of education....That's a pretty good political science lesson for the students as well


Tagup, Although I rarely agree with you I've always felt that you're quite reasonable in your comments around here. So I'm pretty surprised at your comment on this article.
Do you really think that is a fair assessment of the facts regarding Ms. DeVos? It sounds to me like you may have gotten your information from some severely biased news source (MSNBC, HuffPost etc).
Please do a little more reading and studying and give the Secretary a chance. You might be surprised to find that her policies are better than you think.


I like Sec. DeVos voucher policy. It's a wonderful way for the for-profit schools to make money for their owners and share holders. It is really good for the religious affiliated schools to increase their influence. And I'm sure the 1st Church of Elvis and the Satan's Congregation of Worship will love to enter the market place. Those who say we are too segmented as a society, now, are just being silly. Private education geared to very specific curriculum will bring us every so closer together as a people. I'm sure that's what Sec. DeVos wants.


Please define "share holders." What does that term actually mean?


I believe he means stock holders of the corporate education company.


Joel, As Mike points out in his post a for profit education system has a number of flaws and is not in the best interest of the general population. a voucher system will favor the wealthy and segregate the under privileged....I’m all for improving education, but opportunities need to be offered to all students not just those that can afford it.


Share Holder is someone who holds shares in a company. Shares are another term for stocks. I thought the term share holder was in our common lexicon. The good thing is a proliferation of profit schools will definitely teach children about shares and stocks and the benefits of buying and selling them.

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