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Secretary of State says Kristof doesn't qualify

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Once in a while, Salem gets it right!


Looks like it all hinges on the legal definition of "a resident within this State". I see an Oregon Supreme Court opinion coming......


I have written before that, Oregon's legalese notwithstanding, at the very least, Kristof committed a crime in New York when he claimed that he was not a resident of any state other than New York when he voted there. He's damned either way.


Rot, I didn't realize you were a lawyer. I knew you were a infectious disease doctor and public health expert. Or maybe you just pretend to be all of the above. Who knows.


One of Kristof's "facts" he states regarding his residency is his desire to be buried in Oregon when he passes.

The standard facts are driver's license registration, income tax payments, location of medical providers, social circle, where your kids reside and where you vote. Not all of those need to be in Oregon to be considered an Oregonian, but it sounds like he has few of those items, so he hired an expensive Portland law firm to create an alternative list of "facts".

I'm not buying his explanation for why he registered to vote in New York. Registering as an Oregon voter and then mailing in his ballot would have accomplished the same goal and he would have easily qualified as an Oregon resident.

Intention isn't facts. Feelings aren't facts.


Scotty, many laws, and other documents, are easy to follow and understand, even by you.


Hope this helps.


Scotty, Sorry this isn't facebook. Please take your snarky comments to the rants and raves pages.


Trolls are acceptable but snarky comments aren’t?....


How many of us in or from Oregon have won two Pulitzer Prizes?

Mac Grizzly

What's sad about this is - IMO - Nic Kristof would make a fantastic Governor. When you look at his education, his experience, his knowledge, and his political views, the guy is head and shoulders above anyone who has been or who could ever serve as Governor. He is a native Oregonian from RURAL Oregon - right here in Yamhill County. He is a Rhodes Scholar. His experiences all over the world give him a unique understanding about life and society. He certainly isn't a Kate Brown. He's also not a nut case Trumplican. He is well thought out, extremely intelligent, and the son of American immigrants who worked hard and love and respect the United States. If the technical issues prohibit him from running now, I hope he runs again when the issues are resolved.


Rhodes scholar? So was Jimmy Carter, that legendary disaster of a president.


This isn't an emergency. He can fully change his residency to Oregon, wait four years and run for Governor then.

What is up with the urgency?

Don Dix

From here, it appears that the D's who have made Oregon their personal, political playground for over 30 yrs., see Mr. Kristof to be a real threat to that dominance, even though he is a registered D -- he might buck the system and go his own way -- the horror!


Rotwang, not sure where you get your “facts”, but Jimmy Carter was never a Rhodes scholar.


Bill Clinton was a Rhodes scholar.


Oregon has statutory and regulatory standards in place for the DMV, resident tuition for state universities, taxation, and voting---maybe more. They are not all the same.

Oregon does not have a statutory or regulatory standard for the office of governor. What Oregon has is the language in Oregon Constitution Article that the governor must be a resident within this state for three years. Importantly, there is not a definition in the Oregon Constitution of what it means to be a resident within this state. The standards for residency for the DMV etc do not apply as they are standards specified in statutes or administrative rules for specific purposes.

Regarding New York laws. I couldn't locate any law in New York which Kristof may have violated. The application to vote in New York does not contain a statement in which the registrant claims not to be a resident of another state. So no, Kristof is not, "damned either way." The application does have language that the registrant does not claim the right to vote elsewhere. I don't see that Kristof made that claim when he registered to vote in New York.

It is clear that people can be residents of more than one state. It'll be up to the courts whether Kristof qualifies to be elected governor.

Jerry Hart


According to the only court case in Oregon, I can find reference to, that considered if voter registration determines residency, was about a state House seat in 1974. The judge in Marion county ruled “the question of domicile is largely one of intent”. It will be interesting to hear what the court says now.


Real Attorney -1
Pretend Attorney on an Internet forum - 0


You should live in oregon to represent Oregon.


I stand corrected. Carter actually was a finalist in 1946.

David S. Wall

Here is information concerning Kristof's residency issue.

David S. Wall