By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Secretary of state dispels myths of voter fraud

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Good article, Tom...but don't you think your opening sentence is a bit of an exaggeration? Makes me wonder if everything to follow was maybe a little biased...


Considering that most of the article simply reports what Mr. Richardson said, often as direct quotes, suspecting “bias” seems a bit overblown. Besides, Trump’s hyperventilating about the imaginary millions of illegal votes is well documented, including by himself in tweets. It is certainly worth pointing out prominently that an umimpeachable investigator found that to be hooey, especially in a very liberal state with lots of illegals where you’d expect the “problem” to be worse than elsewhere if it existed.

Dennis Richardson is a treasure. Politically, his values are somewhere to the right of Mike Pence, but he could get elected in a place like Oregon because there is no doubt about his absolute integrity and dedication to public service, a marked contrast to the swamp of corruption the Trumpers have brought to Washington.

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