Russell McKinney 1945 - 2024

Family and friends are welcome to join us at  11 a.m. Saturday, May 25,  at a memorial for Russell McKinney at Trinity Lutheran Church in Hillsboro.



I may be wrong, but I am thinking this is one of the "McKinney boys?" I am one of the "Leathers boys" we lived down the street on Villard and I think they lived on Cleveland. They had 3, maybe 4 boys and we had 5 boys. Their boys were older than us, I remember Dick, he might have been the youngest, and he was about a year older than our oldest brother Joe, I remember another McKinney worked out at Bendix, a trailer manufacturing plant out off Riverside that I worked at when I was a kid, I think he was a boss of a crew, I am 66, the middle of 5 boys, and reading about Russ's passing just brought up memories of the "McKinney Boys," a pretty tough bunch if I remember correctly!

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