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Roundabouts, traffic lights eyed for Three Mile Lane corridor

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Here we go again with a huge proposed project that will cost the taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars. Highway 18 is the main connecting road to the coast and it doesn’t seem like a smart move to put pedestrians and bicyclists in harms way on Highway 18. This whole process seems like another grandiose project by a city planner out of control.


Can't we pave ALL the bad roads throughout the county before we put money into tearing up a perfectly good road?

McMinnville Planning Department

Just to clarify what might be a misconception. The discussion for improvements on Highway 18 revolve around how to provide the needed function on the highway system with less expensive fixes than is in the current plan that was adopted in 1996, and the discussion for improved local connectivity is focusing on the local road network and the new Yamhill River Bridge design, keeping pedestrians and bicyclists off of the highway itself.

Bill B

“Right now, when you exit off Highway 18, it’s a little difficult to find your way to McMinnville off the exit,”

Uh, no.


Anyone exiting off of Hwy 18 and can't find their way to McMinnville shouldn't be driving.


Please, no more traffic circles! They are a virus on the roads of America!


I'm not a huge fan of change, but this sounds like something that could really improve that part of town.


Which city will Heather Richards improve next?


@lulu..hopefully Timbuktu


Go to that new subdivision in Wilsonville called Villebois to see the future of McMinnville!


“Bill B
“Right now, when you exit off Highway 18, it’s a little difficult to find your way to McMinnville off the exit,”

Uh, no”

Uh, yes.

In fact, the access to the city’s north end from Hwy 18 if you are eastbound is easily the most awkward approach imaginable: frontage road, four-way stop by the hospital, stoplight, doubling back into town. But unless you want to drive through the entire town on Baker, that’s it.

Bill B

Rumpelstilzchen; I was referring to the exit traveling west bound on 18. Who would take the hospital exit to enter Mac? No one unless they missed the earlier exit.

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