By Dylan Wilhelm • Of the News-Register • 

Rosenberg officially out

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Get rid of Miles K. Davis he has had his share of screw ups since he's been here! Wasn't he and his buddy Norm Nixon flirting with students? That should have been grounds for dismissal.


A college aged adult’s parent wrote a letter???


The coach was paid roughly $75k per year and plans to sue for $2.5M?

Good luck with that.

Joel R

Why is it that almost everyone who is fired these days instantly turns around and sues the institution that fired them? Whatever happened to being man enough to own up to your mistakes, accept the consequences and move on... vowing to learn from it and pledging to be a better man in the future? Imagine what an example that would set for young people who are watching. Not to mention how it would improve future job prospects.
Even if this coach wins or settles a law suit there will probably be precious little left for him after the lawyers and the tax man grab their huge chunks.
The whole thing is really sad for all involved.

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