By Elaine Rohse • Columnist • 

Rohse: Death Valley a serene and beautiful place

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Yes! Death Valley has a magnetism that has drawn us back for 25 yrs. all the above is true and worth the trip not to mention the clear night sky's with the billions of stars for your enjoyment,Camping with friends enhances with several RV camp grounds at and around Furnace Creek, also available is Dry Camping just across from the visitors center. bset time to visit for us is March which usually has weather of under 100 degrees, however must say the area has high winds sometimes for short periods.
Death Valley is a great place to empty your minds of the hustle & bustle of daily life and back home responsibility's for a short visit , coming into the valley is a bit of experience in it self, wondering is this a place we want to visit ? It is , one must love the Desert & History that is abundant,

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