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Rivergate developers drop housing plans

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David S. Wall

The Rivergate Center project has been withdrawn for now but, this article raises disturbing "profiling issues."

The article states; "Richards said in a Jan. 21 email to the News-Register that she spoke with Kapp following the planning commission meeting." “She would still want to do her workforce housing in McMinnville if there was another parcel better suited for it,” Richards said of the conversation."

The aforementioned term "Workforce housing" can be demeaning and "profiles" the inhabitants of "Workforce Housing" projects. Are you a member of the, "Workforce," or the "Retired-force, Wealthy-force, Illegal-alien and or refugee free housing force?" So much for protecting your private identities and equalities of life we all enjoy.

The Developer states, "...would have included 150 housing units for middle-income renters."

"...Middle-income renters.."Are very low, low, no-income and "rich" renters left out? Is this "discriminatory per se" in what "class" can rent here? Are "Renters" now "profiled" as to economic resources? Does McMinnville's Planning Department accept the use of the term "Workforce housing...middle-income renters..." in their planning permits?

"Their own research revealed that McMinnville needs jobs more than middle-income rentals..." Once again, only the "profiled class" of "middle-income renters" is targeted as acceptable.

"...opposition from neighbors and MIP businesses had nothing to do with developers deciding not to provide housing."-Yeah, right.

Good job neighbors and MIP Businesses in protecting your interests and neighborhoods!

But, beware and be ever so vigilant.

You won this battle but, the real enemy is the City of McMinnville's decision makers who never sincerely withdraw housing development projects.

David S. Wall

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