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Riverbend evicting Mulkey RV park

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m or s

Easy for Riverbend's Jackie Lang to say that eviction should come as no surprise. Surprise or not, this makes life extremely difficult for Mulkey residents. There are not a lot of affordable mobile home parks for people to live. Sometimes living is hard and there is little room to pay attention to a "master plan and public discussion." I feel very badly for these folks. In spite of the fact that they are in the shadow of the dump, this is a very nice park, with lots of green, open spaces, and very responsible park management. Many of the homes are old and will not be allowed in other parks.

Yup, Waste Management sure cares about Yamhill County residents...that is until they get in the way of an expansion which will allow Houston's Waste Management to make more millions from this nasty dump on the Yamhill River. ARGGHHH!

Ilsa Perse

Stench from the landfill tends not to blow in the direction of Mulkeys, so that helped make it a pleasant place to live for people who often have limited means. Yamhill County needs to have more affordable housing, in general, and should be pro-active in helping the residents of Mulkeys re-locate. After all, it's Yamhill County that keeps telling Waste Management that it's fine to store 20 million tons of garbage 1.5 miles from town, in a floodplain, in a severe seismic hazard zone, on a major highway that often fills peoples' (tourists, visitors, residents) cars with a nauseating stench, all while leaking leachate into the groundwater and causing significant harm to local farmers Since the County created this hardship, the County should be stepping up to help.


Well said, Ilsa. I agree.

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