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Rep. Bill Post resigns; county commissioners to choose replacement

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David S. Wall

Yamhill County and Marion Commissioners should not be able to appoint a 'Representative' to the Legislature, a 'special-election' allowing the voters to decide is far more appropriate.

I cannot speak as to the credibility of Marion County Commissioners but, the Yamhill County Commissioners are text-book losers. And I mean 'All of them' not just the two 'Politicasters' who constantly embarrass the world via their varied congenital incompetencies.

Take Commissioners Starrett's and Kulla's prior legislative work product for example.

Commissioner Starrett and Kulla "voted" to permit a "Marijuana Processing facility" which uses highly flammable and explosive Ethanol and Butane in their product extractions. The chemical refinery is located on Chehalem Mountain at [18505 Jaquith Road, Newberg].

There is "No" water to extinguish wildfires on Chehalem Mountain. Fire Department Tankers and Engine Companies cannot navigate the narrow, winding roads.

The accompanying permitted Marijuana grow operation to support the chemical refinery is going to use 7,000,000 gallons of ground water a year which threatens local residents well water availability.


*Commissioner Starrett employed a doleful, hangdog attempt to mollify the residents to ingratiate herself with the "voters" on Chehalem Mountain by tweaking Representative Post's 'sweet-spot' to sponsor [HB 3239 (2021 Regular session)].

Check out:

Now, Representative Post decides to quit. Good riddance.

[HB 3239 (2021 Regular session)] has died in the House Committee on General Government and the good folks and patriots of Chehalem Mountain are being screwed, again.

Remember, Kulla and Starrett are responsible for this debacle. Keep them both in your voting prayers.

David S. Wall