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Reopen government, crowd tells Wyden

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Many thanks to the N/R for this report. Senator Wyden’s town Hall was exceptionally informative and encouraging. Oregonians can be very proud of the way we are being represented in Washington. We can have some hope that common sense and sanity might be able to help mitigate the chaos being visited upon us by the current dangerously incompetent and corrupt authoritarian regime. It is way past time for the checks and balances that were mandated by our Founders.

This is an accurate account of the meeting but I want to add one point that really made an impression on the audience. As he opened his remarks, Senator Wyden outlined the format and requested that we respond to questions “the Oregon way.” He was adamant that if someone asked a question about something we disagreed with, the questioner was to be respected – he wanted to hear all points of view and made a compelling argument that we should want that too. (That used to be the AMERICAN way – I hope it will be again soon. As we face what appears to be an impending Constitutional crisis, we need to be united.)


treefarmer - "chaos being visited upon us by the current dangerously incompetent and corrupt authoritarian regime" - exactly how many of us felt about the past administration - and still do. Corrupt to say the least.


I sincerely hope that Senator Wyden will follow through with helping us solve the student loan crisis once and for all. Let us pay our debts, give us the terms to be able to do it. And I also hope that he will help us restore non-opiate related therapies for Yamhill County. As a provider and as a tax payer I see first hand how much less expensive Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Naturopathic care are verus opiates, ER visits, surgeries, etc. Not to mention less strain on our legal system, medical system, etc. Right now we have the perfect storm for making the opiate crisis much worse in Yamhill county and the state in general. Last year they took 65% of the non-opiate therapies away from OHP. Now some counties don't have any access. At the same time they take away legal and controlled access to narcotics. Taking away resources does not take away the need for help with pain and only encourages desperate people in pain to seek street drugs. We need logical, low cost and effective solutions and we have them, lets use them!

Bill B

Save your breath Finch. Treefarmer only sees things one way.


blueskyacu –
Was that you who made this case during the meeting? Those points were very well-presented to the town hall and surely you (and/or possibly someone else who shares your approach?) have opened some eyes. The combination of compassion, success, and cost-effectiveness is very compelling. Educating the public is a great start.

OMG Finch –

Are we doing this AGAIN? It must be painful to harbor such hatred and bitterness for someone who no longer has any effect on your life? Do you expect that if you can demonize the last President it makes the current pretender seem less horrific? Since you have been either unwilling or unable to provide any facts to illuminate your frequent caustic assertions about President Obama, I can only regard them as puzzling and unsubstantiated. And telling me you know I wouldn’t believe you anyway so “why even bother to try” (clarifying your allegations) just rings hollow. It is not about believing, it is about understanding. Once again I respectfully suggest that you stop reading my posts. They do seem to aggravate you and waste your time.

Bill B-

Sorry you see it that way. A well-documented and factual argument has altered my perspective on many occasions.

I continue to hope that a dwindling “base” will tire of a steady diet of documented lies that insult intelligence while fomenting hatred and division. Perhaps the farmers watching their crops rot, or the Federal workers having their paychecks held hostage, or the abuse of our Military will finally induce a tipping point? Meanwhile we can only pray that the honorable Bob Mueller will soon expose the fraud - with the power of facts and the rule of law - and put our beleaguered nation back on course. Senator Wyden helped inspire us to keep the faith.


Honorable Mueller? Ha, that's a laugh. He's covering his A$$ because they know that Obama and Hillary were using their private emails. Talk about Russian collusion - Hillary and the DNC paid for the fake dossier that started this whole mess with all her cohorts. This is all a huge cover up but of course you would never believe that.

As far as the military do you not realize that the government's primary role is to protect its citizens? Obama turned our military into a skeleton of itself and had little to no respect for it. Our military is being built back up and Trump fully supports it.

I honestly could go on and on but won't. You are right though - responding to you is a complete waste of time. I think you're the one who harbors far more bitterness. I'm happy to watch things turn around. It's been wonderful!

You can continue to spew your hatred at the present administration. Trying to make yourself look so articulate doesn't change a darn thing.


Hey Finch – I must say this is the first time I have ever been accused of trying to make myself look articulate. (Would you find my posts more to your liking if I was incoherent?) I accept your judgement of my writing as an unintended compliment.

Using our troops as political pawns (i.e. on the border) is dangerous and anti-American - a tactic of dictators. And what do we imagine it did to the morale of our combat troops when Commander Bonespurs promised a non-existent 10 percent pay raise during his Christmas campaign trip? The Obamas were champions of our military and their families. There is a wealth of documentation for this fact but I have never heard it from the lips of Limbaugh or seen it on Faux “News” so I understand why not everyone knows (or cares about) the truth.

That “fake dossier” was initiated and first paid for by Republicans doing opposition research for the primaries, and many aspects of it have been verified now. I wonder how Mr. Mueller could be accused of “covering his ass” when he had no part in anything until well after inauguration day. The Clintons are masters of the cover-up, no disagreement there, but to assert that Mueller, decorated combat Veteran and dedicated public servant, would risk his reputation to revise history to protect them is – as you would say – a laugh. (I would say absurd.) He was hired to investigate the Russian attack on our elections, he seems to have discovered that the attack was just the tip of a sinister iceberg. Stay tuned.

You really think my writing indicates bitterness? Actually I just feel demoralized and deeply alarmed about the future of America but do admit I despise the one who is corrupting our democracy. All I can do is remain active and counter the propaganda to the best of my ability. I am envious that you are so blissfully content with the status quo. I bet you sleep better in your bubble than I do in mine.

p.s. Just curious – why do you continue to read my posts?

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