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Police urge patience as camping ban takes effect

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What a confusing mess.

Should be interesting.

I’ll grab the popcorn.


In the second paragraph, reference is made to camping at night between certain hours being allowed. I think that may be incorrect. People are allowed to sleep on public property during the stated hours, but not to camp. I think that distinction between camping and sleeping is what made the law enforceable. I'm not sure what that distinction is - maybe tents or other structures - but it appears to have passed the legal test when the first law was declared invalid. I don't think the semantics really make a difference to the people immediately involved, but it does make a difference to our legal system in determining what can be enforced.

It was also mentioned that Mac has a high percentage of homeless. McMinnville is the county seat and is home to most, if not all, of the county social services. It makes sense that people needing those services would want to be close to the services rather than trying to commute 15 to 20 miles a couple of days a week. So I think that Mac is bearing the bulk of the county-wide homeless population. I assume the various committees assigned to this issue are aware and working with the county to have the county help Mac with the disproportionate burden the city is carrying on behalf of the county.

Bill B

So, a law is passed and takes effect but our police do not plan on enforcing it? Did I get that right? Yamco Watch reported that someone on 4th street pulled a gun on a motorist on Baker today. Probably nothing to do with the homeless, right!


Years of building services... beginning with YCAP and the area churches and followed by "non profits" - all closely related to one another - sucking off the more than willing county followed by grants and, not surprising, the only service not readily available? Quality in house Drug treatment programs... hmm interesting


Gone are the days of rules and consequences.

Matt Scales

To address concerns that the PD will not enforce the ordinance, the article clearly states “Although police will begin enforcing the law Thursday, Jaasko said there is a plan to roll out enforcement actions over time.” We are simply asking that the public be patient as the Police Department does not have the resources to abate every location at once.


Thanks Chief Scales! I think the 'majority' of people realize that our Police Dept. isn't and hasn't been the problem. Appreciate all the departments hard work!


What Drew said. Perfect!


I hear a lot of talking, maybe for transparency we should ask the non-profits (YCAP, churches, service organizations) where their capital comes from. If the resources come from out of county then we should look at why are out of county entities funding them. If the capital is from the community then that part of the community is putting their money where there mouth is (And I respect that). Alternately, if the funding is coming from the State or the Federal Government we have to ask why would we support service organizations that might or might not reflect the values and vision of the community.

Follow the money! Are we looking at money that wants to move this population away from their community, are we looking at good people that provide services to this population at want to keep their paying job. Or are we really looking at a community that gives from their own wallets to support people with needs.

I have no answers, only more questions. Look beyond the visible symptoms and those directly effected. The problem is usually multi-faceted, and can be influenced by resources.



It is multi faceted. Part is the west county crowd decimated by their livelihoods destroyed by liberals shutting down the thriving timber industry that led to desperation and a culture of drug addiction cropped up. Same liberals then brought their flock of illegal slaves with them from California to work in the wine industry putting pressure on the housing market. Same Bay Area liberal types forbid any kind of development (thanks 1000 friends of Oregon.) And since these liberal types running amok in Portland don’t take care of the vagrancy in their own backyards either the vagrancy is spreading out to the rural parts like McMinnville. But these urbanites sure know what’s best with regard to sanctuary city kowtowing to the illegals and how they don’t want to cut down trees to build the very housing that them overpopulating the area is in dire need of. NIMBY liberals from out of state is why we have what we have and it’s just going to get worse if we keep voting those dolts in.


Nice story...not factually accurate...but makes for a great rant..
Plenty of timber being cut, plenty of jobs in the vineyard and wine industry...plenty of housing going up...( been out Hill road lately?) isn’t as bad as you would like it to be....too bad...


tagup, massive population is pouring into Oregon and we are not growing nearly enough ! Let’s get McMinnville to grow out I can see the city with 100,000 very soon. Eugene to Portland one huge city has been the dream for a long time make it happen !


Oregon’s growth is around 50,000 per year ....about half the rate of 2016.....Your fear seems unfounded....


tagup, fear and dislike are two different things. I don’t like Californians I certainly don’t like the progressivism they’ve brought here and forced upon us. But I am not “in fear” of those things. I just dislike.


'If police immediately and aggressively enforced a ban on homelessness, Scales added, it would be a financial and social disaster. “We would overload the jail ... It has to be systematic.” '

You can't ban homelessness. You can't jail someone for being homeless. If that's what this is I hope the city has set aside a *lot* of money to settle lawsuits; The above quote will be exhibit one. Setting aside the immorality of even thinking that is a solution. I suppose when all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail.
Does anyone know if the Vancouver ordinance this is modeled on has survived a legal challenge yet?


Need a massive west coast wide apartment complex construction boom to happen. 5 million units brought online would bring down prices. But you need trees to build the buildings and these same “progressive” types even object to tree harvesting.



Let's follow the money.... timber tax which is limited to education or law enforcement went to a church ($150,000) recently and yesterday two more five digit checks to the same church and wait... another one in April. Another church got a free one bedroom house in January (their large December check paid the $10,000 sales price for a property worth over $200,000. Let's follow the money....


While the City is attempting to fix the camper problem the County isn't IMO. Questions:

Would YCAP exist without January's high camper head count?

Would we have a Dog Control and paved roads if we quit funding profiting non profits or chasing grant money?

The County wants to roll out the needle exchange after final approval in July.... need I say more


Nice job clearing 4th. Now, it looks like it always should. Now for Riverside area. And, don't forget the bus turnouts.

Bill B

Just drove through the area and it looks great! Didn't see any random RVs or tents as we drove through town. Thank you Mac PD.

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