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Planning commission approves winery application

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David S. Wall

Anyone who believes the Yamhill County Planning Commission and the Yamhill County Planning Department are "honorable stewards of the public's trust" does not have a "pulse."

Not all Members of the Yamhill Planning Commission should be excused from further service-just all of them save the Attorney Member.
"They did impose conditions suggested by the Planning Department, to limit the number of cases of wine the Colwells can produce and to prohibit parking on the easement."

The Yamhill Planning Department has required "regime change" for several years. This Department issues "conditions on permits" but does not enforce them. Is the Planning Department going to "count the cases of wine produced?" How about enforcing parking in the easement? If you think so, there is pristine beach front property for sale, real cheap, across from the Yamhill County Court House.

The "rubber-stampers" (a.k.a. The Yamhill County Board of Commissioners Olson and Starrett) are renowned for agreeing with the aforementioned entities despite having Four (4) Land Use Board Of Appeals (LUBA) rulings against their persistent piss-poor decisions.

So far, Commissioner Kulla hasn't earned a LUBA "Smack-Down."

David S. Wall

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