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Death and Funeral Notices

Death notices are designed to get word out quickly. They typically include the name, age, hometown and date of birth of the deceased, the day, date, place and cause of death, and, if known, the name of the funeral home handling arrangements.

A note that arrangements are still pending is typically included, to let readers know that further details will be forthcoming. 

Funeral notices add the time, day, date and place of viewing, services and interment, along with identification of those who will be officiating at services and directions for making memorial contributions. This information can, of course, be provided in the initial notice of the death of a loved one if it is known in time.


Full obituaries, which include biographical and survivor information, often are accompanied by one or more photos for an additional charge. 

You may craft the obituary of your loved one any way you wish. However, obituaries commonly include: 

1) The name, age and hometown of the deceased; the day, date, place and cause of death; and the name of the funeral home handling arrangements.

2) The time, day, date and place of viewing, services and interment, the person or persons who will be leading the services, and directions for making memorial contributions or conveying online condolences. 

3) The date and place of birth, the names and hometowns of both parents and the towns and schools of childhood.

4) Details of educational, military, residential, marital, employment, religious, fraternal and civic history, with names and dates.

5) Honors, accomplishments, hobbies, favorite activities and treasured personal traits. 

6) The names and relationships of relatives either preceding in death or surviving, with hometowns for the latter. Most frequently included are parents, spouses, life companions, children, brothers, sisters, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, grandparents and great-grandparents. However, nephews, nieces, cousins, in-laws, close friends, caretakers and other loved ones may be included at the family’s discretion.


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