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Pirates ‘Home Improvement’ leads to pins, wins, successful invitational

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pat wright

Logan - Your article is rather biased to Dayton Wrestling and it's very disappointing to see that you did not support or congratulate your other Yamhill County wrestling program's weekend success more than you did. Although Sheridan did not have a successful day, Yamhill-Carlton was victorious and certainly swept Saturday's Invitational over Dayton, Newport and Sheridan. (Defeating Dayton by more than 100 points!) Due to much practice, hard work and teamwork, the Y-C wrestlers did outstanding last Saturday and they deserve more recognition from their local newspaper. I was looking forward to reading your sports article this week and I found myself disappointed in your coverage and acknowledgments.


Just like Pat, I was also disappointed in Logan's article. When Willamina won their home Invitational, they received justified and ample coverage. Dayton did not win their event, yet got the majority of the coverage in the article. It is disappointing to see that not all Yamhill County high schools covered equally. YC wrestlers did very well and deserved more coverage than they received. Thanks Pat for supporting and acknowledging the strong YC wrestling program.


Please see Friday's edition for a feature of Y-C's recent home dual meet, in which Tabor Magnuson is spotlighted for his 100th victory.

It is my practice to give strong coverage to the home teams, and in this case, it was my first time covering Dayton wrestling this year. We always make a point to write about at least one home meet for every school, if possible. It's been an interesting season for their young squad, as the focus on improvement showed.

Ryan Penrose hasn't received any feature treatment this year, and I felt this was a prime opportunity to give him credit for his progression.

This article also mentioned Y-C's tourney victory, as well as a focus on Mason Dailey's similar improvement this season. The Tigers are certainly a strong team, and I always enjoy covering them. Coach Nonamaker has done a remarkable job with that program.

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