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Phelan appeal hearing canceled

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David S. Wall

I hope Mr. Phelan is retaining competent counsel for a Federal District Court action.

He has been unfairly treated by Yamhill County officials.

David S. Wall


There is no need for the highly paid "Admin Position" and now that position willi cost us even more 😒


I am glad that I do not work for a public agency. No matter what one does, people will be pissed. As far as the “highly paid administrator,” that job, if anything, is underpaid. Mr. Huffer is responsible for the county budget, many agencies, even more employees, seven (I believe) bargaining groups. Those items are but a fraction of his responsibilities. Most administrators of other groups make a similar compensation. Most CEOs of large companies probably make 10x. If not 100x. If we spend all our time b****ing and complaining, nothing will get done. Come on people: if you are unhappy, get involved and search for POSITIVE alternatives.

Drew1951 not forget what we pay our sports heroes. Is Damian Lillard really worth $20M over the next five years? A great man, certainly but almost $1M per week. Get real!

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