By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Paolo suit slated for trial in April

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Hope the county has good insurance....they're gonna need it!

Leslie Lewis...the gift that keeps on giving.....


Paolo deserves everything he's asking, and more. Maybe once this disgraceful episode concludes, Tschabold can land some faraway position she can screw up.

property rights

IMO the real losers here are the citizens. I understand that Paolo is continuing his track record of success earning awards at the state and writing successful grants for other local government agencies. Think of the lost opportunities at the county. The radio system is once again deteriorating after he saved it from the train wreck that it was. No grants since Paolo left the county but he brought millions in through grant writing when he was there. Even though the insurance company will bail out the county we taxpayers will pay for this through higher premiums. The county is likely spending huge amounts of time and money trying to cover themselves. In the meantime its the citizens who end up paying for this in so many ways because of more awful decisions by admin and commissioners.

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