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One doc replaces another

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What a breath of fresh air on the school board. Somebody with the knowledge and expertise to carry on the athletic traditions in the school district. I'm very happy that Dr Haddeland is a new member of the board.


Kinda bitter sweet news. Dr Haddeland was a great doctor so it's sad to lose him...but no doubt he will do a great job on the school board.


I don’t think Dr. Haddeland is giving up his practice to serve on the board ;)

I hope everybody appreciates how many volunteers we have who spend extra hours serving the community despite busy careers and business responsibilities.

Paul Daquilante

Rumpelstilzchen . . .

I don't get the impression he's retiring either. I definitely hope not. He's an outstanding general practitioner

Reporter Starla Pointer

No, Dr. Haddeland isn't retiring from medicine to serve on the school board. It's a volunteer position, although being on the board demands a lot of time and effort of members. Both Dr. Gibson and Dr. Scott Schieber continued their practices while serving, as did dentist Tim Roberts (since retired) and nurse Janis Braisch; the latter three are still on the board. Other members Carson Benner and Larry Vollmer also work fulltime, and Barbara Carter, who is retired.


Thank you Dr. Gibson for serving your community. I hope you have great happiness and success with your bed and breakfast. Best wishes to Dr. Haddeland for a productive school board term.

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