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'Once you've died, you really start living'

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Such recounting is terrifying to me even tho I was not a combat soldier , I was there, I saw the body's , had my share of the Rockets & Mortars ( too close ) Very thankful to the Marines & Army, I was Airforce In the forward Air Control working on the Spotter Cessna's They also had a tough job marking enemy positions with their Phosphorous Rockets 469 of these planes were lost between 1961-75, my job working on the planes was the Center of a Target being protected as much as possible by a circle of Army and outside the Army was another circle of Marines, They stopped two Major attacks in an attempt to overrun the Base. However they couldn't stop the Rockets & Mortars flying over their heads hitting their targets spot on coming from aprox 12 miles out.Our little spotter planes had very little chance for survival ,easy kills while spotting the Bad Guys . over all over 58,000 of soldiers did not return to their family's , most were under the age of 21.

Brad M

Great story!

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