By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

ODOT estimates next phase of bypass will cost $185 million

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falcon 4

NO! Don't put another intersection (with a light) on 219 for Wilsonville Road. This mess has completely goofed up 219 already. Presently, approximately 82% of the time traffic on 219 is stopped for at least one of the lights and often both of them. The intersection for Wilsonville Road should have never been moved to begin with. One intersection would have solved everything for the bypass entrance - but no, ODOT has to goof up multiple things by having all the traffic pour out onto 219. I hope that Phase II includes an overpass for the bypass traffic to pass over the top of 219 all together. Hundreds of millions spent and all we've got is the mess moved from one place to another, and plans to goof it up further with another intersection and traffic light on 219. No, no, no! Engineering???? How about some common sense?

Mac Native 66

An old man once told me "You can do things two ways. The right way and the Government way" (while holding up two fingers. The index finger for the Right way and then the middle finger for the government way). The government gets things done correctly 5% of the time. And we see this in the by-pass.
This by-pass should of been built on McKay, Yergan and Ehlen Roads in Marion County.


Just the latest boondoggle. Keep paying up.

Region 10

A little research into the archives shows that in February of 2016 it was County Commissioners lead by Mary Starrett that directed the shutoff of the old intersection with Wilsonville Road. ODOT engineers actually wanted to leave the intersection as it was. End result, in order to purposely make it difficult for people to get to Wilsonville Road an entire thoroughfare (St. Paul highway) is now totally goofed up and about to get worse. Why do commissioners always think they are smarter than professionals? No wonder there was no common sense in this deal..........

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