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Nursery delivery truck stolen


Alderbrook Gardens owner Leslie Overgard is asking county residents to keep an eye out for a stolen nursery truck, filled with poinsettias, that was taken while she was making a delivery Monday afternoon. Overgard runs the wholesale nursery located outside of Dayton.

According to Overgard's daughter, Beth Wytoski, the truck was stolen from the parking lot of Spirit Mountain Casino at 3:09 Monday afternoon. Tribal police responded immediately, but the van was last seen driving east.

Overgard said that while she was inside the building making a delivery, a black Ford Charger pulled up next to her truck, a man got out, entered the van, and drove away, accompanied by the Charger.

The box truck, a white 1999 Ford, has a broken grill. The license plate number is F173934.

“It is devastating; thousands of dollars of plants are in the back that will die overnight without heat,” Wytoski said.

Overgard is asking anyone who sees the truck to notify police immediately.



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