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Noble proposes cutting lawmakers from PERS

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Don Dix

Now there's an idea worth supporting! And when finished begin the process of taking the public union bribes, oops!, campaign money out of the state chamber as well.


I hope your not saying that the union is the only lobby that commits campaign dollars and expects something in return......eliminate all special interests ( state & federal) and I’m with you....

Don Dix

Let's face it -- in Oregon, the public unions are the elephant in the room -- and are directly responsible for writing and pushing passage of legislation that benefits no one but themselves. And the $22B unfunded liability are the results of that union control over the legislature the last 30 years.

That said, we should be electing candidates based on their abilities, not who spends the most. Special interest money has corrupted politics for far too long, and Oregon is the prime example. Push them all to the side and quite possibly government could get back to the job description laid out in the Constitution, representing the people.


I agree...but the special interests are everywhere and the "contributions" are legal.

I seem to recall a certain rock company looking to get approval for a quarry a few years ago, and just by coincidence, a campaign contribution showed up for an unnamed county commissioner that wasn't even running for reelection...this stuff happens through every level of government, but it's hard to see how it will ever change when the people needed to make the change benefit from the process....


I'm loving this idea and I am not a Noble supporter!!!!

stand for freedom

Don, you're wrong on the comment "And the $22B unfunded liability are the results of that union control over the legislature the last 30 years." The roots of the UAL can be traced directly to the PERS board decisions of 1998. They credited the stock market gains of the 90s to the members accounts thus creating huge money match payouts and the associated UALs. The legislature is directly responsible for the PERS board, and every member of the 1998 legislature was asleep or ignoring their duty while this was going on. The buck literally stops with those who were in office at that time. No one else. In addition after the cows were out of the barn the legislature made matters worse by attempting to fix something after the fact. At some point those actually responsible (the elected legislators) need to admit their responsibility and stop blaming others.

Don Dix

When the union says 'jump', the only question from the Ds in the legislature is 'how high'. Minions only follow instructions, and very seldom act alone -- just follow Gov. Browns actions or lack of them for the last 20 years -- she has served only at the union's pleasure.

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