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Newberg targets traffic enforcement

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David S. Wall

I vigorously support the Newberg-Dundee Police Department and they are always welcome at my house.

I am personally amazed we still have Police Officers (since they are underpaid) and over the last few years have had the unnecessary burden of tolerating multiple unacceptable "administrative interferences" from the City Manager.

When the Newberg City Council decides to hire the next "City Manager" it would be my hope and prayer the Council directs the new manager to "stay clear" of the Newberg-Dundee Police Department if he/she wants to keep their job.

A City Manager should not insist and direct Police to "give Warnings instead of citations" for traffic violations (and or for any other Police matter.)

A Police Officer 's judgment on giving a "Warning" or a "Citation" is up to the Police Officer on the scene and not a city manager who routinely polishes his brown-nose in the presence of the Newberg City Council.

Keep up the "Good-work" Newberg-Dundee Police!

David S. Wall


So..I guess I’m confused as to why a “large number of violations being observed “ have not been addressed on the spot?....or did I misunderstand?


Tagup - violations are probably being observed by the public and reported to police.

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