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Newberg motorcyclist killed

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So maybe Im missing something but how does the guy not get cited if he pulls onto the Hwy in front of someone....clearly Hwy 18 traffic has right of way....


Presumably this guy is from Healdsburg, with a D, in Sonoma County.


tagup: No citation yet(!) "but the crash remains under investigation..."

Other factors to consider:
[1] the speed of both vehicles
[2] witnesses (if any)
[3] road conditions (light, fog, smoke...)

We have to trust the process and those that are serving the public interest, while keeping our communities (and hopefully roadways) safe. Justice for either party concerned is a slow and deliberate process on purpose.

Reporter Starla Pointer

tagup, investigations like this take a long time. Of course, they want to be sure before bringing charges.


Point taken....better to be clear about the details when a fatality is involved....


That is a horrible intersection. The changes they made there several years ago make it MORE confusing regarding traffic flow and intention of drivers.

A traffic light will end up installed there after enough fatalities are met to finally force the county into action.


The Lafayette Hwy intersection with 18 is also a difficult spot....maybe more dangerous than Cruikshank....


This is a bad intersection and the next one on eastbound 18 at lafayette hwy is worse. We need lights at both intersections to safely control the traffic. The traffic lights would cost us all time, and the improvements would not be inexpensive but balanced against the cost of the constant loss of human life it should be an easy choice to budget for. Why have we waited this long and lost so many?

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