By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Newberg man goes to prison on weapon conviction

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I don’t mean to ruin a good rant, but isn’t the jury responsible for determining the facts & verdict in criminal cases?


Marijuana Bootleggers - check
Judge Wiles rant - check
AR-15 vs shotgun comparison complaint - check
Telling someone to google something - check

Let me double check, yes, Bingo! I got bingo on my JWC Bingo Card.

Bill B

Another disappointing plea agreement by our DA. Do they ever try a case?


Tagup and Bleepbloop: You raise a good point about the continued personal attacks on Judge Wiles and his family. This forum is dedicated to discussion of issues, not the airing of personal grudges. The offending posts have been largely if not entirely removed and we will be taking steps to throttle repetition in the future.



Only a distraction, kept him from killing a Deputy! Is really 13 months enough? These people put their lives on the line for the community.


Steve-thank you. I truly would like this forum to return to the discussion of issues untainted by personal grudges.

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