By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Neighbors turn out to oppose marijuana processing facility

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Neighbors should be up in arms regarding wine processing.

Alcohol is the most dangerous drug on the planet, without question, full stop. It's literally poison.

Marijuana is simply not a significant problem.

What raging hypocrisy these folks have.


Before we end up like California we need to start building salt water desalination plants on the coast and pipelines to the valley. This overpopulation and environmental destruction we are doing like California has already done really concerns me.


You do realize that southern California is essentially all desert and the only reason it exists is because of the massive irrigation systems in place to support agriculture.

S. California created their problems and they can deal with the consequences of their decisions.

Western Oregon is not S. California.


Already a water pipeline in’s called the jet stream...

David S. Wall

When are rural Yamhill County voters going to have a "belly-full" of the Yamhill County Planning Commission?

How many "Postage-Stamp-size" wineries with "Tasting Rooms," Parking Lots, Bed/Breakfast operations and other Roadhouse Bars can rural Yamhill County absorb at the hands of the Yamhill County Planning Commission?

How many Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) Remands with costs have these folks wrought upon the taxpayers?

It is past time to vote for someone who advocates dissolving the Yamhill County Planning Commission or excusing the entire lot of Commissioners from service and impanel a "new crop of really dedicated citizens" who will impose all sorts of legitimate land use conditions-with strict enforcement to eliminate problems before they take hold and destroy rural Yamhill County.

Upgrading County statutes pertaining to; rural development, traffic mediation studies, Non-Point Source Pollution Permits, NPDES Permits and water usage must also occur.

I would like to see someone who would "Unleash Unbridled Political Hell" upon the Yamhill County Planning Commission if given the chance by the voters to do so.

David S. Wall

David S. Wall

Whereas my previous post did not focus on the subject matter of the aforementioned article (for which I apologize), the properties used for Marijuana Processing Facilities could easily expand like the wineries have done so which include; Tasting Rooms; Bed/Breakfast operations, Restaurants and additional torments associated with "Agritourism."

Don't forget the parking lots, traffic and ancillary but related pollutants that flow from these commercial entities.

Rural Yamhill County voters should realize the Yamhill County Planning Department and The Yamhill County Planning Commission are not and have never been-our friends.

The Yamhill County Board of Commissioners (BOC) sometimes vote against the Marijuana folks as seen in:

County denies pot processing facility
[Jun 2, 2017] By NICOLE MONTESANO: Of the News-Register

Don't forget Marijuana supporters and or growers/ processors are; Commissioners Starrett, Kulla, and Candidate for Treasurer Bledsoe.

Marijuana-however you grow it, process it, get caught with it by law enforcement is still a Federal Crime.

Marijuana in Oregon and other States who have legalized Marijuana, raise the issue of "State's Rights" versus unwarranted intrusion by the Federal Government.

It will be interesting to view Federal Court Dockets to see how many aggrieved property owners who object to Marijuana being grown and or processed adjacent to their properties will raise the Federal Question concerning any and all aspects of Marijuana.

Marijuana growers and or processors may be "rolling the Federal Court dice" if and when they are hailed into Federal District Court.

David S. Wall