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Name released of jail inmate who died of apparent suicide

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David S. Wall

"Another one bites the dust..."

Who is responsible for "observing inmates?"

Who is the contractor for Jail Medical Services?

Too many questionable deaths over the past few years...

Where is the "BOC" on recent death?

An investigation...Another disingenuous tear or two?

Will [HB 2931] (if passed into law) solve this seemingly ongoing serious problem at the Jail?

David S. Wall


I wonder if he was related to Meghan Cordie, the young lady that died out by Dayton after she "exited" the car while her Mother was driving drunk back from a Wedding reception? Such sadness and heartbreak.

Amity fan

The Board of Commissioners is actually the ones who are responsible to certify jail safety. So when it comes to issues like this, the buck stops with the commissioners. Maybe if they weren't busy parading around the capital with their anarchist cronies and instead actually running the county, these deaths wouldn't be happening with such frequency. I wonder what the death rate in the Yamhill County jail is like compared with other counties in Oregon? Sure seems like we have a lot of them.


So incredibly sad. Another one lost to addiction.


Oh please. There is no-one to blame. If someone wants to leave this world then nobody is going to stop them.

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