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N-R wins NNA awards

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Congratulations. We are lucky to have you, not only for award winning but for your every day good work.


Yes I am very grateful for your non biased and always grammatically correct editorials


Goodness sake, Greg. Editorials are supposed to be biased. That's the whole point.
Newspapers report the facts on their news pages. They share their opinions on their opinion pages.
We offer opinions not to dictate anything to anyone, but merely to stake out a position for readers to consider — and either reject or accept, based on their own analyses.


So proud of our great N/R and deeply grateful for your contributions to our community and to the profession. A free press is the bedrock of a free society. Many thanks to all who make this publication possible.


Congratulations and well done, NR staff!


Greg, you crack me up. I love with left wing activists give other left wing activists awards. It's heartwarming.


What a revelation N/R....were you aware that the NNA is a LEFT WING activist organization? For all these years they must have been pulling the wool over your eyes pretending to represent small rural local newspapers with the stated intent to "promote a connected, responsible and accountable press, as well as journalism that is fair, accurate, objective, timely and complete....." Thank heaven for the person who came here and alerted us to the REAL agenda! Such informed commentary!


So clearly, based on Steve's comments, the NR is not at all a newspaper, but a perpetual editorial piece for the extreme left.

That does clarify things.

Reporter Starla Pointer

OregonBorn, you completely misread Steve's statement -- intentionally, to get a rise out of other commenters? Opinions are in the editorial section, not the news section. I must admit I did like that tortoise in the "creature teacher" presentation at Wascher School; I doubt that you'd know that from my feature story, though.


“So clearly…..” prefaces yet another vapid "deposit" posing as opinion. Was tempted to sign in earlier and suggest that SOMEONE needed to pull up to research the meaning of the word “opinion” but knew it would probably be, like my dig on the drivel about the NNA, a waste of time. CLEARLY the purpose of some comments is to FLAME, to post inane and provocative remarks with the intent to get attention and be offensive, nothing more. (A common practice of frustrated toddlers.) It is difficult to understand why antisocial behavior gratifies some folks, but we just have to accept that it does.

Thanks for this forum N/R, I have it on good authority that you regard flaming as something that, unpleasant and pointless as it is, goes with the territory. (And you likely expect that your readers are quite capable of separating the wheat from the malodorous chaff?)

Congrats again on the well-earned recognition!

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