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Melt Down fundraiser features grilled cheese for charity

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This sounds great....did I miss the starting date in the article?....has this event happening started?


It starts February 1st, I believe.



Reporter Starla Pointer

NOW the dates are in the story -- I could have sworn I typed "Feb. 1 to 28," but apparently not. Thanks for catching that, readers.

A New Generation

These are not your father’s grilled cheese sandwiches, after all.And they are toasted for a cause.

The YCAP food bank organizes the Feb. 1 to 28 Melt Down to raise funds to support programs that feed people throughout Yamhill County.

“There’s always a need,” said Diane Longaker, development specialist with YCAP who coordinates the food bank.


I'm a big advocate of getting "toasted" for a cause...:)

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