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Meetings hope to bring in voices of the homeless

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They can camp like the rest of us in campgrounds. Get clean, get a job and follow the law.

The campers will have a better life but the poor non profits will die. What to do?


It’s high time the majority rules. The largest part of the community want rid of these people. The majority of people are tired of the theft, garbage, the waste of police time, and the intimidation by this group of people. No more enabling these people. They miraculously appeared three years ago and now as they can miraculously disappear as soon as possible. Quit enabling them and cut everything you are doing now.


I'm torn. It sounds so nice putting them in a camp, giving them basic necessities, providing a space that is near their services and transportation. Then again, how fast will the word spread? How many people will we have flocking to the "homeless paradise camp" in McMinnville? Will the cities who empty out their homeless with a bus ticket to Mac give us any resources to take care of their homeless transfers? What kind of resolution will the homeless have? Will they be able to camp there for life? Do they need to find work or do community service in order to stay? Shall the homeowners of Mac clean their feet for them too?

Sounds like a good start to something that may help now but exacerbate the problem later. How do we take care of this in a way that doesn't attract more homeless? Sorry, I still don't have an answer for you. I don't agree the the "get rid of them" theory nor the "get clean and get a job". AND I don't agree with "give them everything they need so they can be comfortably homeless" side. There has to be a middle ground. Keep the discussion going please.


I don't know if a campground will work, but at least this group is trying to do something. Thank you Howie and Liz!


There but for the grace of god go most of us. I don't see anyone trying to come with another solution short of showing up on Dustin court with torches and pitchforks. Kudos to these people for trying to come up with a workable solution that doesn't further complicate the lives of those on the margins.


Jim and Stella are voicing what most people feel. Many of us are tired of those who are productive being ignored in favor of the addicted or lazy. Business is what gives the county and city revenue and they better not forget it because businesses don't have to stay just look at the mass business exodus from California.


Brilliant. These folks want a permanent bum magnet, paid for by you and me.


The idea of giving people a place to go that is safe and out of sight is the only immediate solution from what I can see.....
I think it’s important to remember that these are not all drug addicted, lazy people. Many have jobs, families and would like to have a different living situation. “Getting rid” of this group is not legally possible and like it or not the problem will continue.
Thanks to the wellness group for at least taking a step to change....

Chief Kyle

If offered, how many people would actually use it? Would we still have "rogue" campsites throughout the area in addition to the formal "campsite?" Are we assuming this is what is wanted by the current campers?


It started in Portland with just this idea: Put them out by the airport for one camp (out of sight out of mind). The temporary camp remains today but many many "legal" camp areas followed... "Right to Life 1 and 2", Overlook and others and YES there are rouge campers everywhere.

Broadcast McMinnville accepts campers i.e. Free food, needles and camp where ya want.

News travels fast. I love the '06 Meth Levy idea but funded thru tax foreclosed properties and timber sales etc


I wonder when someone claims they know what the majority of McMinnville citizen's opinion on an issue is. What most of us know are the opinions of our friends or our current echo chamber. We do not know what the majority of over 30,000 citizens opinion happen to be. The issue is complex; housing costs out of reason, mental health and other life problems. Camp place won't solve the long term problem. But it is doing something. There will still be campers who resist going to an designated place. The Cosine has many rustic camp sites. More dangerous because of the potential for fire than those ugly city sidewalk tents. But the Cosine camps will be out of view.


Discuss until you're blue in the face, but nothing will change. Another stalling technique. Like the Arab-Israeli conflict, these diverse viewpoints will never find common ground. I believe business owners and other residents who pay the taxes to fund county government should have the final say. Or why are we referred to as the "stakeholders"? Is that a synonym for cash cows?


And this is paid for by the people living in said camp?


It will be paid for by working tapayers, probably include garbage service and portable bathrooms. Seems unhuman not to provide wifi for their smart phones so add that too. It won't be safe, police will likely have to station there and babysit at additional taxpayer cost.

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