By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

McMinnville woman sentenced on egregious DUII cases

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Terrible. Feel so bad for the children. Hopefully she gets the help she needs. And she got married when she was 12?

Paul Daquilante

Bleepbloop . . .

Her age has been corrected in the web version of the story. She's 34 years old.

Paul Daquilante/reporter

Joel R

Glad she's off the street and getting a chance to hit bottom and start a new chapter in her life. I pray she gets the help she needs. If she doesn't change, she's exactly the type that will end up crossing the center line and killing some innocent family. We've got way too much of that as it is in our drug and alcohol saturated county.
Thank God for the cop's, judges, jailers, parole officers, counselors etc who are all doing the best they can with such limited resources.


Does the Children's Services Department even exist?

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