By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

McMinnville will change how it hires substitutes

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What was the response to “ Carson Benner asked, “Are we taking our valuable employees out of the PERS system to serve this purpose?””? Are we going to loose our good substitutes because of this change?


As one of the district’s long-time subs I wasn’t concerned about this at all. Everything we’d been told just seemed like it would be new paperwork. But two days ago the district sent us more information. The sick pay we’ve accumulated will not be available after January 31. It just disappears. Yes, we can start building it up again (1sick hour paid for every 30 hours worked). So we have 5ish weeks to use any sick time we’ve earned. We were expecting to be able to use it throughout the rest of the school year, with the ability to carry over 40 hours into next year.


An update to my comment: the district notified us Friday that they worked with EduStaff and are honoring the sick time we’ve accrued.

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