By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

McMinnville trio face burglary, theft charges

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Christmas has Talons

This is protecting the tax paying citizens in McMinnville? Does what the voters want mean anything to this Sheriff? We want our person and our property protected no one wants criminals out on the streets.

They take the chance of being incarcerated if they commit crimes those choices are on them and if the virus is a repercussion of those crimes so be it!


You realize that jail staff work there too right?....


The onus for safety from Covid-19 in Oregon's jails and prisons falls squarely to the State. While in custody, society owes the accused such reassurances as their health's concern. The notion that it "serves them right" is a self-serving comment that does not understand the old American adage: "innocent until proven guilty". Let the system work and let's not allow anything resembling "cruel and unusual" to dictate our morality.


The answer is really quite simple....test everyone......It’s hard to understand why this isn’t happening in every segment of society.....


hahahaha, "Miller offered to transport Lopez to his home after issuing citations". What service.....citation and a ride home. To protect and serve!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas has Talons

myopinion, Right? I mean what the actual....? One of my kids called me last week from their home and told me about a man in a truck drinking
and driving in her neighborhood and throwing the beer bottles out of his truck into people's yards. She has it on video and when she called the police/sheriff they said there is "nothing we can do".

And tagup, and so? They are paid to keep the public safe if they can't or afraid of a virus then they should move over for those of us who will do the job. You act like a freaking McDonalds worker "considered essential" are they any less at risk than the people paid to protect us?


you aren’t really going to argue that trained Sheriff dept officers, working in the jail, have the same employment risk level as a fast food employee are you?

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